Sculpture by the Sea

Hi guys,

Our family went down to Bondi today to do the Scuplture by the Sea walk (more info here: ).

I made the most of the opportunity to take photos, with my image folder size coming in at a grand total of 1.4GB. I am pleased with how most of them turned out, considering the harsh lighting conditions (the sun was reflecting quite harshly off the metal of the sculptures). The positive side to this is that I was able to keep my shutter speed very high (fast), which made it much easier to get crisp shots.

See my favorites below (I know, there are so many... Favourites are sooo hard to pick):

I love freezing objects that are usually to hard to follow with the human eye. Using a fast shutter speed, I was able to do this with a wave at Bondi Beach.

Post-processing in photoshop really made this photograph pop. I love the geometric structure looking of the serene nature of sand and ocean.

A shot that really captured the colourful nature of this sculpture.

I think the shallow depth of field really enhanced this photo. I love the colourful look in the sculptures eyes.

Using a fast shutter speed, I freezed the motion of these flags waving in the wind.

A macro shot of a flower.


I took this photo of a post that was part of a sculpture. In photoshop I then desaturated the unfocused parts to create a cool effect.

 A fairly straight shot of a sculpture.


Sorry for the amount of photos, but there was so much to take photos of, I couldnt help myself!

Have a great day :)

A Test Post for the New Design


Hi everyone, the new design has unexpectedly arrived!

This is a test post to make sure everything is working. Hope you like it, and please feel free to leave your feedback.

Have a great weekend.

The Apocalyptic Earth

Hi everyone,

As said in my previous post, I have created an apocalyptic picture using a photo I took of a water feature in our backyard and an image of the Earth (original image here: The image of Earth was taken using MODIS (Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite data. The image is the most detailed image of the Earth and it's atmosphere ever taken, so I jumped at the chance of using it.

Warping the shape of my picture to match, then using a second image from the same set to add further depth and some effects (the spurt in the background of the final image), then blending all the images together using different layer styles and blending options, came this result:


More photos...

Hi everyone, welcome to post #2 of photos, photos and more pictures.

I'm interested - what does the water shape above look like to you (think clouds)?

(I had about 80 odd more of these water shots, but I thought I might just tease you with one or two)

And since I've have probably boggled your mind in a state awe over my pictures, I might hold back for a day or two on my awesomely apocalyptic massive manipulation for a few days to let your senses rest.

Have a great week, and enjoy!

Pictures, Pictures, and ahhh... Photos

Hi everyone,
An update of some photos I have taken the last week or two (actually, so many I have to span across two posts)

In the second post there will also be a spooky apocalyptic photo manipulation I did using my own photo.