Goats and Photo-Manipulation



Well, the other day I finished a photo-manipulation. Unfortunately the only good stock photo I could find had goats on it.

I think the goats suit it - do you?
Have a great day :)

Here you go Naomi!

My cousin Naomi really liked the birthday card for my sister - so I thought I would do her one with 'cousin' written all over it :)

Enjoy Naomi!

Birthday Graphics



For my sisters birthday today (you can see her blog here: http://www.em-edesigns.blogspot.com/) I made her a special 'grpahics card' (as I absolutely stink at making cards :P ).

Hope you like it (Emily certainly did!)

Beach Photo-manipulation


Hi all,

Well, I'm continuing with the photo-manipulations, this time with a beach themed one. I took both photos, one of some choppy waves at Newcastle Beach, and one of some stormy cumulonimbus clouds.

Hope you enjoy it! Next post should have something a little more abstract for you arty types ;)

Fantasy themed photo-manipulation



My first showcase is of a photo-manipulation I did a while back, with a fantasy theme.

This project only took me about 5 hours to complete.


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