A Photo Photoshopped in Photoshop

Hi everyone,
We went to the sand dunes slightly north of Tea Gardens the other week, and with the great views, I took about 300 photos, unfortunately about 2 thirds of them are UNDER EXPOSED! (Thats definitely a learning curve, I well never do that again!). However when my sister and I were having some roughfalls down the staggeringly humongous sand dunes, Mum took some great photos of us. It was one of these photos that I decided to do some basic photoshopping with.

Feel the hologramism (I love writers liberty)... Do not fight it.... Embrace the change (Oops, now I'm going all sci-fi with Doctor Who)

Have a great day.

HDR Images

Hi all,

I have recently been reading about High Dynamic Range images (HDR). In a basic definition, they are 2 images taht are taken of the same landscape. One that makes the sky look 'nice', and the other that makes the actual landscape look 'nice'. The other night there was a pretty sunset, so grabbed the camera and a ladder and set up outside the front of our house (had a few strange glances from passer-by's :D ) and tried to take a couple of pictures suitable for a HDR composition.

Tonight I had a look at the images and chose the best two to 'stitch' together in Photoshop. After 20 seconds of computation of the two images, Photoshop made up it's mind and churned out a beautiful looking HDR image! I am quite pleased with the results, and now I know what to do better next time.

See the image below:

Have a great day! Jacob :)