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Here is the last image:

Click on the images for almost full size - leave your suggestions below and have a great day :)

In-post poll - New header design

Hi all, this post will be a poll of sorts, asking you your favourite out of a selection of similar header designs that I will base the layout of this blog on.

Below are 5 graphics that I made today (and one more in the next post) - please comment on your favourite so I can get an idea of what to implement as my header :) (please note that the following graphics are not full size and are also compressed, meaning they are not at full quality)

There is one more image that will be put in a new post - please post all comments on the next post if possible to keep it all in one place :)


Hi everyone,
One of the things that has really sparked my interest in the last couple of years is photography. I really love the artistic freedom you can have without having to be good at drawing! Below are a couple of shots that I have taken recently:

Next post I will show some pictures of our 3-day home school excursion to Canberra.

Any Ideas?

Well, I have gone back to my old design after having a fair few problems with the new one. I can't seem to find a template that I really like - does anyone have any ideas? If they do, feel free to comment below ;)

I will be uploading a few actual 'content' posts soon, so don't worry :)

New design

Well I have decided to redo the design of the blog, however currently the design is straight off a template. I plan to edit the design so it is more 'mine'.

The only transitioning problem I have seen so far is it seems the dates next to my posts have been lost.

Please leave your comments and suggestions below regarding the site and it's new design.

New Banner

Hi everyone, just completed a new banner - what do you think? Do you like the other one better?

Leave your comments and suggestions below :)

I've Been Tagged!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posts.

Some of my cousins have starteed a system where you pick the 6th folder and then the 6th image out of your images folder. They have asked (tagged) me to do it, so here I go:

This photo was taken on the 5th of may 2007 at Bowral. This was part of a birthday trip for me - we went down in the bitter cold to the Don Bradman museum, and after that, we went to the nearby national park, where I took this picture of a waterfall.
Well there we go, nice and simple ;)
I have been doing a lot of photosohpping lately, but haven't got around to uploading it all, so hopefully within the next few weeks you will see a few more posts pop up. Cheers.