Geometric Mayhem in Photoshop

Hi everyone,
Finished a photoshop project today:

Grungy, geometric - I like it!

Have a great day :)

The Twelve Apostles - Third Party HDR?

Hi everyone, after having a sudden craving for an awesome desktop background, I went on a Google rampage for high quality images of The Twelve Apostles in Victoria. I found abundances of images, mainly of amatuer photographers using their 0.1 megapixel handycam cameras that fit in their coin pocket. A couple though topped the lot, one that captured a beautiful sunset but waaay underexposed the rock formation, and one of a beautiful sunrise with the sun playing on the sea cliffs. As if it was meant for me, it was metered perfectly on the rocks, but the sky was largely overexposed. Smiling, I copied the images to my hard drive and spent 25 minutes making a HDR of two third party images, added a few eye candy planets, and voila! I think the results speak for themselves:

In other news, I have finished designing my site over at Beresfield Live Weather. If you want a sneak peek of the design, take a look here: (note that the design on the sneak peek may not accurately represent the final look).

Thats all for now, hope you have a great day!