Beresfield Live Weather is finished - finally!

Hi guys,
I have finally finished my weather site. After months of chopping and changing between ideas, I stuck with one, and I am proud of the result!

I run a weather station at home, which then downloads data to a PC. The PC then collates the data and uploads it to the internet - the result can be seen on the live weather page.

Check it out, let me know what you think, criticise - it's all appreciated :)


Fiona said...

woo hoo! you finally finished !! love it! great job :)

Naomi said...

It looks great!! No criticism needed.

Excellent work!

Morgan Kemp said...

wow tht is awesome!!!

looks proffesional :D

Jacob said...

Thanks guys :)

I do like to think so Morgan, at least that what I tried to do ;)

BTW, how'd you get my blog url?

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

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